Pay Per Head Software Solution for Bookies

Are you a bookie or sports betting agent that’s looking to take your business online? Traditionally, bookies built their businesses around the age-old betting slips and then tracking their clients.

This has always required a lot of tiresome work that was the downfall of many good bookies. Keeping track of everything requires discipline and support from employees and hours of work.

Pay Per Head Software Solution for Bookies

Trade all of those problems in for the latest revolution in the sports betting industry. Pay Per Head software now gives you the power you need to take your bookie business to the next level. Finding the right Pay Per Head solution to manage your online business is critical to the success and the backbone of your operations, the right solution should fully automate your business and take the stress out of managing your affairs.

Pay Per Head software solutions package together a proven system that increases bets and profitability. All your previous systems can now be incorporated into one platform that gives you a solid overview of your business anytime you need it.

A great Pay Per Head system will offer you extensive reporting that’s updated in real-time, alongside fantastic account management modules that allow you to adjust credit limits, offer free plays and customize your parlay profiles. Security is the most important feature of your Pay Per Head platform and encrypted data protection is vital to ensure that your business and your players stay protected.

Better betting variety

To run a successful book, you will need your players coming back and betting time and time again. Pay Per Head platforms allow your players to choose from a wide variety of options on the action, with everything from betting on horses to sports teams, they are sure to be kept involved, engaged and placing bets.

Effective and efficient bookmaking

Managing your players is simple and easy with a Pay Per Head system. Reporting is essential for you to discover the dynamics that are working with your business and those that require your attention. Advanced reporting should give you an accurate screenshot of where your players are placing their bets, what their current balances and win rates are.

Simplicity is key and having one place to manage all your business affairs from is a tremendous advantage that keeps your business operating profitably and efficiently.

White labeled platforms with secure data

Use a Pay Per Head platform that offers you the ability to white label it with your company’s logo and corporate identity, giving you the ability to have your branding on your players’ minds as they place their bets.Keeping your sensitive business and client information is

Keeping your sensitive business and client information is top priority in this digital age. The platforms secure data service features strong 128-bit encryption and various payment gateways that allow you to accept payment in a variety of currencies, including bitcoin.

Great customer satisfaction and service levels

There is nothing worse than coming across a problem that seems insurmountable and that’s why it’s important to choose a platform that has great client service levels, keeping you connected to agents that are ready to solve your issues, 247/365.

The gaming and sports book industry revolves around the players and offering them great support will ensure that you capture more repeat business. Make sure that you have access to the best support and backup to keep your business running smoothly. With 24/7 phone support, available from friendly helpdesk support agents, you will never have a problem you can’t solve.

Your business on the move

With Pay Per Head software, you can now take your business with you wherever you go! It is now possible to get a complete screenshot of your business anywhere you are with our platform integration into mobile devices.

Manage your players and business from your smartphone or tablet, keeping you in touch with your players at any time. The power of a mobile platform allows you more freedom in your time and your business, giving you the opportunity to expand, or simply enjoy your free time knowing that everything is under control.

Work with the best

There are many software solutions providers that promise the world when it comes to their Pay Per Head system, but few that deliver. When selecting the right software for your business, it’s important to check out past client reviews on the systems applications and support. Choosing the right service provider from the start will ensure that your business remains profitable and grows into the future.

Grow your business and your prosperity with a Pay Per Head solution that takes the effort out of the bookmaking business and focuses on the players and the profitability.

The Right Pay Per Head Solution to
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